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Why SEO Is Important?

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Our patent strategy will steadily and surely improve your website's natural ranking in all major search engines because having one is not enough unless you have visibility.

YBS will work to obtain and ensure that you appeal to not just the 90% of online searches done for your products or services on Google but also all the other major search engines such as Yahoo & MSN (Bing) that comprise the remainder 10% of your customers.

Search engines are the ultimate source of traffic for any website and the number one source for all NEW traffic. Despite a potential customer looking for your business or services on Facebook or Twitter or maybe while reading on their favorite fashion or sport blog there is still an 87% chance that they will first search you on Google before going anywhere.

Having obtained an ideal presence on Search Engines is as important to your business as having customers. Having search engine presence will ensure a healthy stream of regular visitors to your website which in turn ensure a steady stream of visitors which we can convert to customers.

YBS has the most effective and upbeat strategies to improve your website's natural ranking on all major search engines with the search terms most affective for your business website.

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Customer Support
Customer Support +1-877-309-0405
Monday to Friday | 09:00am to 05:00pm EST