SEO Services and How Businesses are Coping with SEO Service Providers

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become an integral part of almost every business in the world, as the world consumer market shifts its focus among so many platforms, a solid SEO strategy is more important than it’s ever been before.

In this post, we will discuss the top highlights of a “SEO Services” report presented by Backlinko in July of 2019 after having surveyed 1200 business owners in order to gain a better perspective on how SEO is affecting businesses across the United States.

Budget, Satisfaction & Provider

Backlinko’s extensive research presented vital information on the average budget a business has allocated to SEO in comparison to satisfaction. We see that on average an American business owner spends $497.16 per month on SEO. The report also expresses the average amount a satisfied business owner is spending on SEO in which they are receiving the desired results is very close to our average spend, business owners that spent $500 or more were 53% more likely to be “Extreme Satisfied”.

Ironically the majority of business owners found their SEO providers through referrals, Google searches & Online reviews. In fact, only 8% of business owners found SEO services providers through online advertising.

Perception & Presence

The study revealed that most business owners perceive that an SEO firm should bring about new business almost instantly, in fact, to be more specific, quoting from the research “83% of our respondents stated that SEO providers should be able to help them Access new customers”.

The most popular factor in choosing the right SEO service provider stands to be Reputation, not Presence. Of the business owner surveyed 74% of business owners consider the reputation of a SEO service provider to be “Very” or “Extremely” important.  The provider’s own social media presence and case studies of past clients were deemed relatively unimportant.

Value, Firm Vs. Freelance & The Truth

What most business owners don’t value our social media followers, research shows that only 26% of business owners deemed social media followers as “Extremely Important”. This brings back the old adjective of “window shoppers” on a digital level.

Overall only 30% of business owners out of the 1200 surveyed would recommend their provider to a friend or colleague, this number is not attractive at all but in comparison to the recommendation level of a freelance were found to be much lower.

Access & Turnover

We now understand how important it is for a business owner to be able to access their SEO provider and importance on location. As reported 78% of business owners selected SEO provider location to be considered as Very or Extremely Important”

The single most vital component in a business owner’s decision to switch SEO providers turns out to be “Dissatisfaction with business results” and 34% cited “Customer service/Responsiveness” as the key reason for cancelling.

Perhaps this is why SEO providers have a high turnover. 65% of the panel that was surveyed informed that have worked with “Several” SEO providers, whereas 25% stated they have employed 3 or more SEO providers.