4 Simple Steps to Restaurant Marketing!

The food & beverage industry is perhaps the most competitive and economically strained in today’s financial market. Among this industry is the Restaurant business with consumer pool matching the world population count of those eligible to make a purchase from a restaurant, to put it simply, anyone who can afford a meal from a restaurant is a potential customer.

The nature of these customers is as such where a consumer will switch restaurant preferences quicker than you can say “2 Eggs Sunny Side Up” and of all the reasons why, it takes just anyone. A foodie someone who eats out regularly and likes to try different places will instantly reject a restaurant for a onetime mistake.

Given this business module and the nature of its consumers, it is most vital for a restaurant owner to continue to generate more new customers.

This can only be done through marketing! And in today’s day and age, it’s all about online presence and utilizing it to its full potential.

Here at YBS, we excel at designing and implanting such online marketing strategies for restaurant business because we understand the business module and client base pretty well.

To give you just a small look at the online marketing plan that we have for restaurant owners and their establishments, we’ve compile 4 simple steps to restaurant marketing.

Facts First!

A survey among 1000 U.S. citizens done by the Digital Savings platform RetailMeNot revealed that 32% of Americans utilized a deal they obtained on their mobile in 3 months.

Another survey compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics displayed that between the year 2013 to 2016 a little more than 1 out of 3 Americans order and consume restaurant prepared food on a given day.

Step 1: Broaden Your Reach

Understanding the behavior of the restaurant industry customer base we can confidently tell you that the very first thing you can do as a restaurant owner is to boost your online presence with no cost on by creating profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat etc. even Yelp and on Google places.

Step 2: Learn & Practice the Basics of SEO

Now before you dismiss this step for any number of reasons remember the competition and keep focused on the goal. Learn the simple SEO practices like honing your homepage title, creating business listing on Google, match up your restaurant address so it’s exactly the same across all the platforms, create dedicated pages for your menu items & of course as mentioned above connect your restaurant website with other online places where foodies go to look for the quick fix to their hunger pangs.

Step 3: Absorb, Understand & Respond to Online Feedback

lot of online business for restaurant owners is either missed or lost because of lack of online communication. If a platform offers chat and you’ve enabled it on your restaurant page be sure to periodically check for messages, likewise for platforms where comments, questions, feedbacks can be made by the visitor.

This will not only help build ADD to your existing customer base but also ensure you retain the customers who are already loyal to your establishment.

Your Business Shop can help you design, build implement and improve a custom online marketing strategy including SEO Service, Social Media Marketing, Google paid ads, and more and not just that, we will work with you on your part as well, helping you to understand the behavior of your customers online and suggest changes you can make to your establishment and how it’s presented online.

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