Freelancer vs Graphic Design Agency

As with all things that we do not hold expertise in, whenever we go out looking for expert assistance on anything we find a variety of service providers with numerous quotes and approaches. Similarly when you require Graphic Design content whether it’s something simple like a logo or a much larger project such as developing and designing an entire brand around a concept.

There are several factors to consider and in this month’s post, we will discuss what those factors are and gauge the difference between hiring a freelancer and employing an agency for your graphic design content needs.

Some of the factors to consider before searching for a Graphic Design professional or agency are:


  1. Where Do You Currently Stand? The most important part of getting assistance on graphic design is how much you have already accomplished in terms of brainstorming ideas, color schemes, design concepts, etc. anything that you have already gathered may prove to be of great importance, how much material is already gathered can greatly increase the chances of a swiftly completed and economical project.


Where do you currently stand


  1. Where Do You Want to Go? Have you scoped the breadth of your project? Do you know where it leads and how big of a project it is? Knowing the size of your project is just as important as any other factor. If you are unsure where the limit of the project lies you may find your budget exhausted even before the project is completed.


Where do you want to go


  1. How Long Do You Have to Get There? Ensure that you have a clear timeline, there are two types of timelines you need to design. The first is the “Ultimatum”, the time in which the project MUST be completed. The second is the “Running Timeline”, this timeline is broken down into smaller segments and each segment represents an important step of the project such as early concepts, first & final draft & finalizing the design.


How long do you have to get there


  1. How Much Can You Spend to Get There? Last but not least comes the budget, it’s important to pre-define your financial boundaries, finalize your budget & write it down, you don’t have to reveal it at the start of your negotiations but when you do finalize a someone make it clearly known that they are not to expect you to overspend but at the same time do not hold back any creative ideas.


How much can you spend to get there


Once you have established a foundation of your project, it’s time now to consider if you should hire a freelancer that you can work closely with or a graphic design agency that offers a vaster pool of resources.

Freelancer is a good idea for projects like a simple logo for a t-shirt or a logo for infographics, images for multiple headers & footers. Freelancers offer a more personal experience but be sure to predefine the number of variations and cost. Most freelancers charge between $75-$100/hour on average.

A Graphic Design Agency brings with it an abundance of resources, an agency such as Your Business Shop will employ it’s the most experienced team for your project offering unlimited working hours and plenty of revisions for a stable and fixed cost. With Your Business Shop, we can design a Professional Logo for just $99 with 5 concepts, 5 revisions, and 2 dedicated resources.

There is no comparison between hiring a professional individual vs. a professional graphics & logo design agency such as Your Business Shop.